About Me

My Background

Dawn Tinney is a Pennsylvania certified educator and a homeschool advocate who resides in Northcentral Pennsylvania. A homeschool educator since 1995, she has served the community as a homeschool evaluator since 1997.  

Dawn is qualified to evaluate students in levels K through 12 and can pre-approve special education objectives. She is an approved evaluator with the Susquehanna Diploma Agency and the Erie County Diploma Agency.  

Dawn respects the right for families to choose the style of homeschooling that best suits their child's needs. She supports all learning methods from unschooling to classical education. Her goal as a homeschool evaluator is to help families be in compliance with the law. She enjoys meeting, working with, and encouraging homeschool families.  

Dawn offers individualized achievement testing using the Peabody Individual Achievement Test, Revised. She also offers distance evaluations for families who can’t meet with her in person. These are conducted by mail and telephone.