Homeschool Evaluation Services

My Services Include:

  • General homeschool consultations
  • A variety of written evaluations
  • Standardized testing
  • Objective approval letters for students identified with special needs
  • Several Diploma Options
  • Transcript services
  • Private tutoring

Description of Services

Getting Started Homeschooling

 If you are new to the homeschool journey, follow this link to find information on an overview of the PA Home Education Law.  It outlines information on the compulsory school age, details on affidavits, and more.

Short Form Evaluation

This form is for students in grades 1 - 12 who don’t need credits on their evaluation. The short form is a checklist type and meets the letter of the law. If the pre-evaluation form is filled out prior to the evaluation and brought along to the evaluation, your appointment will take 30 minutes.

Short form with Credits

For grades 9-12, the short form includes subjects with credits earned.  This type of evaluation is acceptable for parent issued diplomas and for the Susquehanna Valley Diploma Program.  If the pre-evaluation form is filled out prior to the evaluation, your evaluation will take 45 minutes.

General Evaluation

This form includes the details of a short form evaluation and also includes a brief overall view of the student's work and progress.  Good for grades 1-8.

Detailed Evaluation

This type of evaluation is for students in grades 9-12.  It is needed for those working towards the Erie County Diploma Program.  This detailed evaluation breaks down the student's work and progress for each credited subject.  

Diploma Options

I offer three diploma options for homeschool high school students.  I am approved to evaluate and issue credits for the Erie County Homeschool Diploma Program and the Susquehanna Valley Homeschool Diploma Program.  The third homeschool diploma option that I assists students with is the state  recognized diploma which is awarded by the supervisor.   

Transcript Planning Form

This form is a planning sheet to help students in 9-12 grade meet the requirements of the law for graduation.  

Achievement Testing

If your child is in grades 3, 5, or 8, the portfolio must include the results of a standardized test for at least reading, language arts, and mathematics.  I offer the Peabody Individual Achievement Test (P.I.A.T.-R).  If you would like to schedule testing at the tie of evaluation, please let me know when you make your appointment.  If you need information on other testing options please feel free to contact me.

Objective Approvals

If your child has been identified as needing special education services, their home education program needs to be approved and the approval letter must be submitted with the affidavit before commencing homeschooling.  Objective approval needs to be completed yearly.

Transcript Services

High school transcripts are required for the diploma programs.  A transcript is recommended for students receiving the parent issued diploma.  I offer transcript services for all three options.  

Private Tutoring

Do you need someone to work along your child in the areas of math, reading, or writing? I offer tutoring services to help students get back on track in their studies.  Contact me for more information.

Getting Started

Here is helpful information regarding homeschool and portfolio documentation requirements.