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West Hill Farm and Ranch

Our Homestead Story

Welcome to West Hill Farm! 

The Lord has blessed us with the opportunity to be living on a farm that is nestled into the beautiful rolling hills of Central Pennsylvania. Our farm was established in 1981 when Brian settled in this area which was and is home to many of his relatives and ancestors. Brian and Dawn were married in 1985, and yes, we are happy to be celebrating 35 years of marriage this year! Brian’s dream has always been to farm, and maybe it was more about working with the equipment, but raising animals gives him the opportunity to play with, I mean work with, a variety of farm machinery. 

Our old farmhouse and barn have provided us with never ending renovation projects. It’s been a wonderful and resourceful place in which we had the opportunity to raise and homeschool our family. 

Brian, now retired and working full time at home, and Dawn are both Pennsylvania and New York certified teachers and their initial goal was to raise a family while being educators. Along the journey, God used many people in their lives to help them see that homeschooling their children was the best choice for them. In 1998, being passionate about homeschooling and finding enjoyment in encouraging and working with other homeschool families, Dawn became a Pennsylvania homeschool evaluator. Dawn also provides tutoring and a variety of other services.  

As our family grew, we were blessed to have the opportunity to care for the land and raise a variety of animals. That in itself has been and continues to be an amazing part of our homesteading journey. In 2000, our oldest two children used their hard-earned cash to purchase dairy goats and the Magic Creek Oberhasli dairy herd was established and became an official American Dairy Goat (ADGA) herd. Our herd presently consists of 45 Oberhasli milking goats, and of course, that number soars each spring. 

So, again, we welcome you to our little corner of the web where you can learn more about the farm animals we love and raise; products we make, produce, and sell; as well as Pennsylvania homeschool resources and services that Dawn provides. 

If you have specific questions for us feel free to contact us at: 

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